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B3 Walnut

1958 B3 with matching leslie and tone cabinet!
Serial Number - 63161
Another wonderful example of the Classic B3! She came from an estate. Very nice looking and in wonderful shape. Matched with a 147 specification two speed leslie and a PR-40 Hammond tone cabinet.
SOLD!! Thanks BILLY JOEL!!!!! yes THAT Billy Joel

1969 B3 with leslie
Serial Number - A-46277
A drop dead mint 1969 B3 with a matching 122 leslie. This is a nice as it gets for the later B3's. One of the hottest sounding rigs I've have had the pleasure of owning. The percussion will make a dog cry! Stunning!
SOLD to Gregg Allman, Allman Brothers Band!

1971  B3
Serial Number - C155400
A one owner, never moved very nice 1972 B3 with the original matching 122 leslie.
This B3 is like new as it was played very little during its easy life in the living room. Not a mark on the pedals! This B3 and leslie are potent! Very nice shape!! I love the original warranty card on the leslie!
SOLD to Allman Brothers Band, Thanks Gregg!
all tone cabinets information
Serial Number - all
Please note: Any Hammond with a Leslie AND a tone cabinet:
The Hammond can be sold with just the Leslie, eliminating the tone cabinet. The tone cabinet will add extra costs in shipping overseas.

1960 B3 with leslie
Serial Number - 82467
A one owner very nice 1960 B3 with a matching 2 speed 147 leslie. Great sound and looks!
sold: Llamas Music Band, Mexico

1955 B3 with Leslie and tone cabinet
Serial Number - 58844
First year for the B3 production!
A very pretty 1955 B3 with a 147 Leslie speaker and a PR-40 Hammond Tone Cabinet.
This trio sound very good with lots of power.

1955 B3 with Leslie and Tone Cabinet
Serial Number - 59061
One of the first B3's produced! A very early 1955 B3 with a two speed 147 Leslie and a JR-20 Hammond Tone Cabinet.
Woderful condition! Sounds and plays like new!

1974 B3 with leslie and tone cabinet
Serial Number - 375936
I have restored and sold over approximately 700 Hammonds in the last dozen years. This drop dead gorgeous 1974 example is one of the finest I have had the pleasure of owning. Last year of production, 1974 with it's original Hammond PR-40 Hammond tone cabinet and matched up to a 147 two speed leslie.
LOTS of power and very, very good percussion high bite, mids and bottom.
There is not a mark on the pedals!
A STUNNING example!!


1955 PRO B3 with leslie and sub woofer
Serial Number - 58936
My personal stage B3:

Best of all worlds. This B3 has magnificent stage presence and the power and sound is unmatched.
NOTHING EQUALS THE LOOK AND SOUND OF A VINTAGE B3/LESIE ON OR OFF STAGE!! You can go anywhere with her: Jimmy Smith, McGriff, Chester Thompson. Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple, etc. etc. All the cool options: 150 watt powered Sub woofer, if you want to shake the walls with bass and mids, knife cutting highs for the percussion attacks, all variable to your individual taste with a tube driven eq booster. State of the art light touch foot sidekick leslie switching that works with or without the cool l.e.d hand leslie control. Super cool hanging Hammond/Leslie lighted signs. Detachable light for drawbars and keys for those cool dark effect stage lighting gigs. If you do not want to kick pedals, set her up with the comfortable backrest cushioned swivel seat. Full 147 two speed leslie with the sweet original V21 Jensen driver, fresh reconed Jensen P15L woofer, sweet custom frequency splitter that makes the mids and lower frequencys accent that wonderful whoo, whoo classic sound effect when the leslie is switched from choral to tremolo, new 147 amplifier with bass boost modificaton.
Top rotor and bottom drum miked with two seinheiser's on permanent microphone mounts. Just plug your hi and low feed into the board.
This is as good as it can get.
You can make her whisper or drive the bass and guitar player off the stage.

Check out all 35 photos!

1955-74 Cherry Wood Examples
Serial Number - MANY
Don't forget to go to the Cherry Wood B3 Section. There are some AWESOME examples!

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