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BC,BV,C3,RT3,D152 Series

The C-3s and RT3's are identical to the B-3s with the percussion feature. Only the
cabinet style is different.
The RT3 has the added feature of the AGO 32 note footpedal used for classical and church music.
BC and BV are early model Hammonds and very good sounding.

 All organs with tone cabinets
Serial Number -
all tone cabinets information
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Please note: Any Hammond with a Leslie AND a tone cabinet:
The Hammond can be sold with just the Leslie, eliminating the tone cabinet. The tone cabinet will add extra costs in shipping overseas.

1940 BC with Leslie
Serial Number - 10120
A piece of History. 1940 BC. The BC's were really cool as they have a full 2nd tone generator set to 435 pitch for a chorus effect when playing with the standard 440 pitch tone generator. The Chorus effect is wonderful.
Another great feature is the early Hammonds did not have the "foldback" feature as with the later hammonds. This allows the lower octave of both keyboards to go down to low 16' just like the pedals.
The preamp has been converted to a solid state amp and the old gal really sounds great. Bright in the highs, full in the mids and big bottom.
She has evidently seen stage play in her life but other than the finish, she is very solid, solid legs, etc.
The leslie is a full 2 speed horizontal with a 251-( 147) style amplifier.
Great sound, great price!

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